Staff of Asclepius EMS Instruction


Peter D. Johnson

Peter has been involved in EMS for 30 years and as an instructor he shares his experience and enthusiasm with students young and old. He is a fourth generation member of the Bridgewater Fire Department as well as a 27 year veteran of the New Milford Community Ambulance. He is a member of the National Association of EMS Educators, National Association of EMTs, International Association of Flight and Critical Care Transport Paramedics, and the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification. Additionally he is certified as a Train the Trainer for the AHA and is a certified CT EMS Instructor as well as a certified POST instructor. Peter is also an instructor for DMST, MHFA, PEPP, GEMS, PHTLS, All Hazard Disaster Response, EMS Safety, PEARS, ACLS, PALS and CPR/First Aid for the American Heart Association. He is a licensed and nationally registered paramedic who has worked commercially in many parts of Connecticut as well as Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Most recently he has completed and is preparing to test for his National Critical Care Paramedic certification. He oversees the EMS training at his fire department as well as other local agencies, and has served as the training supervisor for New Milford EMS and for a local commercial ambulance in Fairfield County. Peter still works full time in the field as a paramedic for a hospital based EMS service in southern CT.

Ken Bailey

Ken is a former student of ours who has shown a strong desire to help others learn emergency medicine. He currently works as  a commercial EMT and is a volunteer EMT and experienced firefighter in New Milford. Ken, or Beetle as he likes to be called, has quickly become a very experienced instructor aide and is well respected by students and staff alike. He has taken on the role of assisting with practical training and skill station management and will be assuming the responsibility of practical event coordination. He is currently completing the process to become an AHA BLS instructor.

Martin Landgrebe

Judge Landgrebe is the Probate judge for the New Milford region and with all the responsibilities he has he still finds time to volunteer and bring his many years of legal experience to our students by lecturing on the Medical Legal chapters of the EMT curriculum. Marty brings a fresh new approach to this often confusing topic with his extensive legal background and he keeps the students interested by using real world experiences to drive home his points. We are very happy to have Judge Landgrebe join us in the classroom. His contributions to our success are invaluable.

Ryan Underwood

Ryan is  very passionate about what he does. He enjoys being able to help others within his community, and says he feels very fortunate to have been taught by experienced and knowledgeable people and wishes to help others the same way. Currently he volunteers with both the Bridgewater Fire Department and the New Milford Ambulance. He spends much of his time helping other EMTs during their learning process. Ryan always encourages people pursuing an EMT education and stresses how important and crucial EMS can be in everyday life. He applies this enthusiasm towards helping students learn the skills to become competent and caring EMTs.  He is currently a licensed and Nationally Registered Paramedic working in the Danbury area as a firefighter/medic. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Doug Knecht

Doug is an active member of two area fire departments and has been an EMT for many years. He is a former EMT student of ours who has been assisting with practical skills and performs as a station proctor. He is a caring and supportive proctor who works hard with the students to ensure they are both competent and comfortable when they go for their testing. He is also the very proud dad of 2 wonderful children. We're very pleased to have Doug join us.

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